It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I don’t have a computer or Internet anymore so I have to use my phone. I am old-school and would rather type so, that’s why I haven’t been on.

Husband’s health:

The sleep study showed that he had stopped breathing 29 times an hour in his overnight study. The doctor said he has obstructive sleep apnea and he now has to be on a smart CPAP machine.

He just had an EEG done and we see the doctors next week to go over the results. His neurologist thinks he has some form of dementia in his frontal lobe. I will find out more next week.

Because of my husband’s breathing problems, he was ordered a chest x-ray and it showed spots on his lower left lung. So far, the doctor thinks it’s emphysema but, she has ordered a CAT scan to rule out cancer or a foreign object. He’s not able to have a CAT scan until June. In the meantime, he’s been put on an albuterol inhaler. He had a breathing test done and it showed that he wasn’t getting a good intake of oxygen. I hope we will know more soon. He has a really hard time with walking around and even can get winded sitting. He’s not overweight, but he is a smoker so we have quit smoking.

Husband’s Birthday:

My husband just turned 39 May 2. Def Leppard and poison came through town and we missed them. Since my husband has never been to a concert in his life, we went ahead and bought tickets to an Alabama concert to see Def Leppard, poison, and Tesla. It was a nine hour trip, but it was so much fun. I got to meet Bret Michaels! As I was coming out of the women’s bathroom he was hanging over the fence where they were doing the meet and greet and say hi to everyone. I took a picture of him and then I called his name so he would look up and I could get a better picture. When he looked up I snapped the picture and said thank you. He waved me over and shook my hand and told me to have a good time.

That is Rikki Rocket next to him! I actually didn’t recognize him at the time without all his big hair. I’m so used to the 80s version of Poison ha ha.

On the way home, my husband’s truck decided to take another dump. We got rid of the truck and bought a car the next month.

As of now, we are sick of Florida. We have news on where we will be living in my next post. It’s been a fun ride so far.