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On 4/11/2017, after dropping my husband off at his sleep study with the VA,  I called Comcast Xfinity to set up internet and cable TV. I was told I would be paying $109 plus tax a month for both and $15 to pick up equipment from the nearest store to “self install” my services. I was promised on the phone that my services would be ready to go once I got home with the equipment because the last person to live here had services. I paid $100 up front for the services via my Visa debit card and I drove that day to the City Station store in Jacksonville, FL to get the equipment. This was a 12 mile drive and about 26 minutes away. I ask the lady who gave me the equipment if I was ready to go once I got home. She told me I was turned on and just had to plug it all in.

I got home, plugged everything in correctly and….nothing worked. I re-plugged everything in and restarted the DVR and WiFi boxes 3 times before calling technical support for help. The technical guy I talked to told me that I had hooked up everything correctly and that someone would have to come out and turn me on at the pole. He also said I would be charged $60 for someone to come in and hook me up. Please keep in mind that I was already billed $15 for a self install. He said, all I had to do was call in and request a refund of the $15. I was told by this man that someone could not come out until Friday to finish the job.

Since it was only Tuesday, I called 3-4 different customer service agents to get my problem fixed. Each time I called, I was connected to someone in the Philippines who only repeated back to me everything I said and offered no help in setting me up correctly. Please keep in mind I was told someone already had service here before and it should be ready to go. I gave up and left a note with Comcast on their website has a dissatisfied customer. I then called back technical support and was assured that I would not need to be charged $60 because the service was just not turned on at the pole and that someone would call me to set up a time to turn it on. At about 9PM Alex from higher up called from higher up that said someone would be out the next day (Wednesday) to turn me on at the pole and that I would not be charged the $15 for a self install since I had to drive 12 miles to pick up the boxes and do the install myself. I was told that $15 was only charged when someone is shipped the equipment. I was told I did not have to be home, that it was just a turn on from outside. Alex said if I had issues that I should Email him back.

At 2pm on Wednesday, I left to go pick up my husband from the hospital. I saw Comcast outside and thought everything would be fine when I got back. We returned at about 4pm, the Comcast truck was gone and we still had no service. I called customer support who told me no one could come out until next Thursday and that someone had to come in to my home to put in outlets and that I would be charge $60 for this. I already had 2 outlets hooked up, but agreed. I emailed Alex this information and he emailed back that someone from regional would be calling me.

Thursday, while we were getting our truck fixed, someone from Xfinity regional called me to let me know that someone would be out to my home Friday between 10am-12pm to fix my service. I told her that would be fine and hung up. When we got home, we checked our mail and were already charged $133 for Comcast!

Friday at about 12pm a young man who looked about 18-19 came to our apartment to fix and hook up the cable and internet. He stripped the wire coming from my living-room  floor and removed the outlet from my bedroom wall. After doing this, he asked us were the maintenance man was. We told him which apt he was in and noted, after looking outside, that he was not home and they do not work on weekends. When he could not contact the manager and maintenance man, we advised him that it was also Easter Weekend and they’re car was gone. He said, since we were on the 4th floor, he was not installing our service. I told him that was unacceptable as I was paying $60 for the installation! He said to call back when the maintenance man ran the wiring. I told him it was not the landlords responsibility to run wires for the cable company! I told him that, at this point, I wanted him to take the boxes back and to have my $100 I paid up front refunded to me. He said no! I told him I was going to call his boss. He said, “You don’t even know my bosses name!” I informed him that I did, and that I had been working with Alex and regional from higher up to take care of this issue and, because of them, that is why he was here. As I started calling the Xfinity number I was given if I had issues, he booked it out of my home. He left both outlets ruined and my equipment behind. I reported the issue and was told someone would be calling me in 2 hours. I waited over an hour, boxed up the equipment, and drove back to the same Xfinity store I I got the boxes from to return them, shut the services I never got off, and to refund our $100 back to our bank. The man at the store turned off services, took our boxes, gave a receipt showing we returned the boxes, and told us to call our bank for a refund of $100! How is this my banks responsibility??? I called my bank, they gave me a temporary refund, and are investigating this company.

When we got home, I still had received no call back as promised. I called 2 different customer service agents who told me they could not refund my money. The 3rd person told me it would take 4-6 weeks for a check t be mailed! I said, “No! You were quick to take my money, quick to bill me, quick to ruin my outlets, and quick to shut me off….I am NOT waiting 4-6 WEEKS for a refund!” I then emailed regional to let them know what their technician did. I sent them pictures of the damage as well and that I wanted a refund.

I got a call back a few hours later from a man named Ganga who told me he was refunding my $100 and having a technician come out that next day on Saturday to fix the damaged outlets. He got my debit card info to refund my $100 and told me if I had any issues, to just call him back. We have unlimited data on our cell phones with 8GB of wifi to use on my computer if I need it and just signed up for Netflix. We decided, at that point, to just forget about Comcast since we would be moving in a few months anyway.

On Saturday (4/16) a man named Jason Ramsey called to let us know that a technician was on his way to our home. He promised that our outlets would be fixed. I informed him that we would not be getting service and that was fine with him, he just wanted to fix the damages done.  Evair came out to our home, he looked at the damage left and said all the last tech had to do was run it down the wall and set up a splitter in our bedroom for internet and cable. It only took him about an hour to do so. When he was done, he left. 20 minutes or less, Evair called back to let us know that Jason Ramsey wanted him to come back and install us. I called Jason back and let him know I did not want to pay another $100 to get hooked up and that I just wanted a refund. He assured me that I would not have to pay $100 and that I have already been credited the $100. He explained they just wanted to give me the service I was promised and wanted to make the issue right. I agreed and told him to go ahead and set us up. Evair came out and finished the job. We now have cable and internet.

Today, at about 6pm, someone called from regional and told me they would not be returning the $100 as promised because I had service. I told them, “Oh no! I only agreed for service AFTER being promised it would still be refunded after the disaster that took place!” She said she would talk to someone and get his fixed. At this point, if promised are not kept by tomorrow, we are returning the equipment AGAIN and saying good ridden to Comcas/Xfinity! I will go with Satellite TV and Internet before I go with this company! They are liars just out to take our money and run! They will say ANYTHING to get a sale and get you in with them. People, save your money! Get unlimited data with boost and get Netflix or something! Save your money! These guys lie so much!