We’ve been very busy this week. I turned down the job I was hired for because of my back. There is just no way I can do housekeeping in a busy hotel with a bad lower back. Just a couple weeks ago I was not even able to move with a herniated disc. I can, however, do customer service work that does not require lifting and there are plenty of those around here. In fact, I have a job interview tomorrow to be a ghost tour guide at a big local attraction in town. That, my friends, is right up my ally! I am a lover of history, horror, ghosts, and entertaining others. I’d take that job over a tech support job any day. I can still work a day job and have fun at night with this.

My husband should be getting a call from the VA clinic tomorrow to finish setting up his much needed medical and mental health appointments. I was told today that he can see his primary care doctor as soon as Tuesday of next week. This area VA seems a lot more caring and willing to help a veteran. I just hope he can get in to see his new specialty doctors and therapists faster than the three months we had to wait at the other area’s VA.

We should hear something about our housing soon. Our housing and employment caseworkers came to our hotel and got everything they needed to put our application in the system. I hope we are approved soon. The local veteran’s homeless organization paid for our hotel another week. We will be donating to them as soon as we are settled and on our feet.

I urge all of you to please donate to your local homeless shelters. These places rely on donations to help homeless. They don’t give hand outs, they give a hand up. We have been given help with job searching, money management, counseling, medical, and so much more from these organizations. They work hard to help veterans and their families get on their feet and gain the tools they need to succeed in life. I promise you, your money will not be wasted.

I am still trying to de-stress my body after months of extreme stress. For the last few weeks, when I try to fall asleep, I feel this sharp pain in the middle of my chest that jolts me awake. The pain radiates down my left arm and up my neck. It goes away when I sit up. It’s not a heart attack, but I am not sure what it could be. It can sometimes come on if I am walking around in a crowded place as well. Could it be panic attacks? If so, why is it happening when I am at rest? I drink a lot of coffee. Too much caffeine? Stress? Who knows? I just know I need to start taking better care of myself.

As I lay in bed last night, I thanked God for all he has done for us. I prayed for our finances and I prayed for a good nights sleep without the chest pain. I was also thankful for the free vibrating bed we have in our room. This building is old and, when the train goes by a few streets over, the room shakes. It’s a nice like sitting in one of those vibrating chairs you find in a mall or nail salon. I am just so thankful we are at peace and away from the slumlord ran, party city apartment complex we were in. Only good things can come from here on out. We’ve only had blessings since moving here and they just keep coming.