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I love taking pictures and, when I got my Iphone 5S, I was excited to start taking better quality pictures. However, anytime I would use my flash in low-light or dark places (night photos), I would get a pink picture. No matter how many times I tried to take a better picture, they were always pink when the flash kicked in. I am not sure if this is a problem for newer IPhones, and it may even be a problem on Android phones too. I have an IPhone 5S so, for this post, I can only comment on my model.

After searching Google, I felt a little dumb for not realizing the problem myself. The problem was not my phone, it was the flash reflecting off my pink case. If my case was blue, the photos would be blue. There are cases out there that don’t cause this problem, but I am poor. My best option was the easy fix below.

The solutions: Either buy a black case or, if you are like me and like a colorful or white/clear case, take a black sharpie and black out the area surrounding the camera lens and flash. Take the phone out of the case first to prevent black marker being accidentally transferred onto your phone. Please excuse my sloppy marking HA.


Here are the before and after photos: