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If you read my last post I’m Not Scared, you know we have been under some extreme stress. When I found out I had indeed lost my job that I thought I had saved, we went into plan b mode (or, in our case, plan f mode). Weirdly, we were not afraid. We just decided to take it all in stride and started the process of figuring out where we would go once we became homeless in a week.

I have always loved St. Augustine, FL and my husband has never been. When I showed him all the jobs there and that there was a VA that can treat him there, he started to perk up. We looked into the price of rent and it’s cheaper than were we live now as well as more job opportunities. The county seems to have more to offer as well and not too far from a major VA hospital where my husband can continue his specialty care. When we saw pictures of the area, we got excited and decided to to explore it right away. ROAD TRIP

I love St. Augustine because of it’s history and because of Ghost Hunters. Yes, I am a fan. No, I don’t want to live there because of that, nor would I. I just think that is a fun fact. If you have ever watched Ghost Hunters, you might have seen them investigate the St. Augustine Light House. I have always wanted to do a ghost tour here. We decided to have a little fun went to the lighthouse to explore both in the day with a hike and night with a ghost tour.

Our day began driving around to get a feel of the place. It was somewhat like the city of Daytona Beach, but without all the wild partiers and bikers. It had more of a classy feel to it with a lot of old world style. The historical buildings were breathtaking and the air was so crisp and fresh. There were the modern stores and box stores any mid-size city would have as well as small, historical restaurants and shops. The people were very friendly, unlike where we live now and I loved that. Even though it’s a tourist attraction, it didn’t feel like one and that’s a plus for us. We have been tired of the run down, party city town we’ve been living in for quite some time.

After driving around for a bit, we made our way to the famous light house. It was huge and took my husband by surprise. I had been there once before in 2011, but never for a ghost tour. The customer service employees were out of their way friendly and helpful which made us want to get a few items to remember our trip. They are non-profit so, it felt good to contribute to the upkeep of such a wonderful part of American history. We got a discount for a day and night tour and made our way to the house. I am afraid of heights, so I didn’t climb the 219 stairs of the light house, but my husband did it twice and got a lot of nice photos from the climb. We hiked a small trail and explored the light keepers house.

By 4:00PM, we were starving and headed out for some lunch. We found a place called Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings. Neither one of us had heard of it and thought we’d give it a try. It was much like any other fast food chicken place, but the employees were so friendly. The people in our town need to take lessons from this town for sure. After eating, we headed to Wal-Mart just to see if that too was better than ours. I have found most Wal-Mart’s in any town to have rude, overworked cashiers, and to be a bit dirty. This store was bigger than expected, clean, well kept, and the cashiers were very friendly. We both agreed that this place was number one on our list to live so far.

The ghost tour started at 8:30PM, we checked in and rented our $5 ghost hunting EMF meter just for kicks. If you’re going to ghost hunt, you might as well do it right.The tour was fun with a lot of ghost stories from visits past and a few plugs of the Ghost Hunters show.  As with any 400+ old property, there were a lot of sad stories of tragedies and death. The only thing that happened to me was this: at the end of the tour, we went to the keepers house basement. Everyone was standing around listening to the guide speak of the children who died and that they like to play games with visitors. I kept feeling as if someone was standing behind me off and on. I would look and nothing was there and nothing set off my meter either. I don’t think it was just my mind playing tricks, because I’d been listening to worse stories while standing in the other parts of the house and the light house itself. We would have stayed to hunt some on the free-time we were given, but it was late and my back and hips hurt way to much for any more walking that night. Although, we didn’t see or hear any ghosts (there were too many people in the ghost tour for that), we walked away with a lot of fun pictures and a few souvenirs. I hope you enjoy the album I put together on YouTube here: St. Augustine Trip

.  Here are just two of my many favorites:

If you want to know how about the ghost tour (dark side of the moon)  Here